One thought on “Phase 2

  1. Yesterday Dr. Brix said that most of the recent cases have come from the transmission of the virus among family members. Even small gatherings of family and friends are spreading the virus. Her recommendation? Wear a mask. How foolish.

    2,977 people died when the twin towers collapsed 19 years ago.
    193,000 lives have been lost because of the coronavirus in the past 7 months.

    To avenge the deaths of all those who died at the hands of al Qaeda on September 11, 2001, the Republicans and the Democrats came together and went to war with al Qaeda, Afghanistan, the Taliban, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Hamas, Hezbollah, and all the other Islamic extremists around the world.
    We’ve spent trillions fighting these wars and lost thousands of American lives in the effort to defeat “terrorist aggression.”

    To honor the 193,000 Americans who have lost their lives to the coronavirus, Trump has done everything in his power to assure his reelection so that we can all endure another 4 years of his utter stupidity and constant lying if we all don’t die from the virus first.

    Both the response to 9-11 and to the coronavirus pandemic have been bad for America.
    In each instance it was the Republican Party who continued to support a failed American president and they should pay for that criminal complicity on November 3.

    As for Fauci and Brix, neither of them has broken publicly with Trump and indicated that they would be voting for Biden. That is as unforgiveable as was/is the continuing Republican support for both Bush II and Trump.

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