2 thoughts on “Karma

  1. On July 27 another idiot Republican, Moscow Mitch, said that “We’re not negotiating over liability protection. If we don’t get it there will be no new coronavirus relief bill.”

    It sure looks like Moscow Mitch turned out to be right.

    This is just one more glaring example of just how upside down Republican priorities really are.

    They will deny relief to desperate Americans in favor of helping Big Business every time.

    “Obstinacy and dogmatism are the surest signs of stupidity. Is there anything more confident, resolute, disdainful, grave and serious than an ass? ” Montaigne, Essays, 1588.

  2. Well you can try to deny the science if you want, but the 220,025 acre monster fire three ridges to the east of here doesn’t give two hairs on a rat’s furry ass what you deny.

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