One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. The economy is in decline because people are running out of money.
    Unemployment remains high.

    We need a coronavirus relief bill right now and Moscow Mitch has seen the light because he’s feeling the heat.
    So on Monday when the Senate reconvenes Moscow Mitch will introduce piecemeal legislation to help us all out.

    Moscow Mitch’s first order of business will be an airline industry bailout of $28 billion.
    There are lots of things wrong with the airline industries problems being the first priority for Moscow Mitch and us taxpayers to solve.

    Like why we need so many half-filled airplanes, burning millions of gallons of aviation fuel, flying to multiple redundant destinations?
    Why do 20 different airlines need to fly into LAX on an hourly basis when maybe one airline would suffice?
    Competition has nothing to do with it because airline pricing is very consistent throughout the industry.

    The airline industry needs to be reregulated because Ted Kennedy’s deregulation scheme of the early 1970’s has been a failure.
    The industry needs to be downsized and reorganized.
    Perhaps the industry should become a quasi-governmental agency like the post office?

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