3 thoughts on “If Chris Coons is saying yes, it’s going to happen

  1. The Tea Party Movement was formed in 2009 and for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

    More people have voted so far in 2020 then had voted at this point in the 2016 election cycle by a factor of 10.

    Early voting is now underway in all 50 states.
    If you haven’t voted yet, today would be a great day to gather up a likeminded friend or two and vote all Blue.

    It’s disingenuous to blame Trump for the economic collapse that we’re experiencing when it was ‘both’ Republican and Democratic leadership which pressured Trump into locking down the entire country on March 14.
    A decision that we later learned came two months late and was therefor more damaging then helpful.

    That said the Republican Party owes a debt to the American people for the rise of the Tea Party Movement, the Birther Movement and for giving the radical, militant right the space to operate.

    If that means adding justices to the US Supreme Court balance it out then that is what should be done.


  2. Also District and Appeals Courts. They can’t keep up with normal business anyhow, let alone the flood of wingnut nuisance cases. Let’s wipe the execrable Mitch McTurtle’s name from the history books.

    Also filibuster. It’s late.

    Of course, there’s Uncle Joe’s promise that “nothing will change.” Barry made me a believer on that one. But still, Noam says…

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