One thought on “Ahem

  1. 60+ million Americans have already voted.
    In North Carolina 20 times more 18-29 year old’s have already voted in 2020 as voted in 2016. (2016: 7500/ 2020: 146,000)
    In Florida, as is true across the country, 3 times as many 18-29 year old’s have already voted as compared to 2016.

    Moscow Mitch keeps telling us that “elections have consequences,” when he’s pressed about why he and the Republicans are ramming through the confirmation of another Fascist justice to join the 5 Fascist justices already sitting on the Court.

    If the Democrats get out and vote they will own the House, the Senate and the Presidency on November 4th.
    Schumer has already said that Barrett’s confirmation process was “illegitimate” so “nothing is off the table.”

    Article 1, Section 2, Clause 5 of the Constitution gives the House the “sole power of impeachment.”

    The first order of business after the newly elected Democratic House passes a $3 trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill, should be to impeachment of Amy Coney Barrett.
    Followed by the impeachments of both Thomas and Alito.

    When that’s been accomplished passing a $5 trillion infrastructure bill would be in order.

    Vote today.

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