One thought on “Crooks-o-rama

  1. After 70 years of corporate Fascism and 30 years of Neo-liberal bullshit, the Capitalist thinkers have come up with a brand new formula for success.

    Their solution to our current problems is a, “robust Capitalist economy with generous social support.” David Brooks, 10/20.

    That’s a contradiction in concepts.
    A “Capitalist economy” and “generous social support” are completely incompatible to one another except if you’re a salesman or a con-man.

    36% of Americans say that as long as “money is speech” and “corporations are people” then “democratic Capitalism” is an oxymoron.

    62% of Americans can’t properly define either Capitalism of Socialism.

    That same 62% of Americans believe that both Russia and China are Communist countries.

    Which means that 62% of Americans can’t define Fascism.

    None of this can be just a coincidence.

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