One thought on “Beware of the jabberwocky

  1. This clown dressed up in a suit and a tie fancies himself, wrongly, as the second coming of warmonger John McCain.
    In fact he’s an Israel First Islamophobe, and a know-nothing simpleton of uneven temperament, and that makes him a very dangerous man. Not that McCain wasn’t when he was alive.

    Because the Republicans are settling old scores and being vindictive they are governing on the basis of “what goes around, comes around.”

    Moscow Mitch said it in his speech from the floor of the Senate yesterday.
    Lindsey “the Hypocrite” Graham said it over and over again during the Amy Coney Barrett hearing.
    And every Republican said it last night when they voted to confirm Fascist Amy Coney Barrett.

    If “what goes around, comes around” is now the governing philosophy of the Republican Party, then so be it.
    Two can play that game.

    Vote Blue today.

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