3 thoughts on “Why no covid relief?

  1. Immediately after voting to confirm Fascist Amy Coney Barrett last night, Moscow Mitch sent all of his senators home to campaign.

    So much for a coronavirus relief bill until after the election.
    Hopefully Pelosi has stopped negotiating with Mnuchin because she should be doing something productive like campaigning for Biden/Harris.

    Anybody who is struggling to pay the rent and feed their kids should be pissed off at Moscow Mitch and the Republicans and nobody else.

    The only good Republican is a defeated Republican.

  2. Why? They all get free health care and being republicans, they don’t care about anyone or anything but their own power.

  3. Congressional Republicans do not serve the American people. They serve the financial elite.

    And increasingly, they view American citizens as natural resources to be exploited without regard to our welfare, or our rights.

    Barrett will serve this approach well.

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