Well, Jared, how did you think that would sound?

This guy is just unbelievable. How could Jared Kushner think that this would sound like anything but racist.

One thought on “Well, Jared, how did you think that would sound?

  1. Jared Kushner believes that his father-in-law is a very smart man and that explains why Jared is a moron.

    Kushner is in full agreement with Trumps choice of Amy Coney Barrett to sit on the Supreme Court for example.

    Fascist Amy Coney Barrett will be remembered as being so self-absorbed that she couldn’t see the train that was about to flatten her.

    Once the Democrats are in control of the congress and the presidency they will have lots of options when it comes to rebalancing an ideologically unbalanced Supreme Court.
    They can add seats, impeach Barrett and Thomas or they can limit what cases the court can review (Politico, “The Other Tool Democrats Have to Rein in the Supreme Court).

    For that to happen Democrats must vote Blue on or before November 3.

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