2 thoughts on “Losing

  1. 73+ million Americans have already voted.

    With 3 days of early voting left to go, it’s well within the realm of possibilities that 100 million Americans will have voted before election day November 3.

    When all is said and done, it’s conceivable that a total of 155 million Americans will have cast their ballots in 2020. (But we all have to vote.)

    The latest polls out of Wisconsin show Biden beating Trump 57% to 40%.

    Those percentages are a fairly accurate projection of what the national percentages will be after the polls close on November 3. (If we all get out and vote.)

    Vote Blue.
    Do it today.

  2. Voter turnout in the 18-29 age bracket in FL is up 500% from 2016. In MI and WI its up over 1000%. Many young people gave up and stayed home last time when the DNC set Bernie aside.

    Millennials are not making that mistake again, even though Joe is not ‘their’ guy. They’ve seen what four years under a malevolent narcissist can do to our democracy. Trump enabling republicans are the enemy of the people.

    Ban pre-shredded cheese – Make America Grate Again.

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