Mask and personality disorders…

I came across this article and found it interesting. In my extended family, we have a few people that truly believe wearing a mask indicates a person that “lives in fear” and is a “sheeple.” All I can do is sigh and social distance. Now, I don’t think my relatives have personality disorders and for the most part, they are pretty nice folks. But, there are many videos of people losing their minds in public over wearing a mask. I don’t really understand it.

One thought on “Mask and personality disorders…

  1. Yesterday the White House Science Office gave credit to Trump for ending the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Anyone who believes that is: A) delusional B) as dumb as a stump C) a Trump supporter D) all of the above.

    Once Trump has been retired next week, that 40% of Americans who voted for him will still be with us.
    That’s the victory that Putin’s been looking for.

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