Eyes of the world

Photo by Harry Quan on Unsplash

I spent several hours at the eye hospital the other day. The attending physician thinks I had a three-day ocular migraine — which seems plausible, since she has ocular migraines and tends to pay attention to them. The resident said it could be postural, since that would add increased muscle tightness that can trigger migraines. (I hadn’t been to the chiro for several weeks. I felt much better after I went.)

They also took pictures of my eye and oh by the way, they want me to see a retina specialist because I have a tiny cyst on one eye and a spot on the other.

“Is that meaningful?” I asked.

“Not yet,” they said.

I’m so tired of doctors, and I’m a little skeptical since when I didn’t have good insurance, no one ever wanted me to see a specialist. Arghh.