Can’t have that

One thought on “Can’t have that

  1. Right wing websites.

    By the numbers.
    25+ million more Americans voted in 2020 v. 2016.
    That’s a 20% increase in voter participation.
    The Democrats received 56% of that 20% increase.

    71% of Americans support Medicare For All.

    Voters sent two distinct message at the polls three weeks ago.
    First, rational people don’t like Trump and won’t vote for him.
    Second, Americans like socialism (Social Security, Medicare For All, etc.) by they’re afraid of it.
    Hence the loss of Democratic seats in the House and a tie in the Senate.

    Trump supporters are a strange brew of odd fellows with one thing in common.
    They’re all Fascists.
    Evangelical Christians, neo-Zionists (AIPAC), and militias are Fascist organizations.

    Capitalists (Republicans) have distorted and incorrectly defined the meaning of socialism for centuries and most recently on right wing websites.
    Which is way so many Americans remain confused and fearful about what socialism really is.

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