All trailer, no movie

This is pretty nuts. Only a masochist can watch the entire thing!

One thought on “All trailer, no movie

  1. Trump doesn’t give a good goddamn about the American people and he never has.
    Not even the 74 million “suckers” who voted for him last month. They’re only a means to an end.
    The only thing that Trump cares about is money.

    Trump is transactional and is only concerned about “What’s in it for me.”
    If a rebellion or a civil war breaks out, so what?
    Trump will become just one more war profiteer living the lifestyle of Howard Hughes.

    The rank cowards leading the Republican Party know that Trump see’s no value in the Constitution or in the democratic-republic yet they sit silently by enabling him.

    What does that make them?

    Trump is currently trolling for dollars as he exits the presidency.
    “I won this election, but “they” rigged it and stole it from me.”
    Can I hear an Amen?

    That meme is dangerous to the democratic-republic.
    But Trump couldn’t care less because he sees the 74 million misguided souls who voted for him as marks to be fleeced out of every dollar they have.

    Trump is a huckster who sells bullshit to unsuspecting dupes for dollars and cents.

    So what does that make Republicans?

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