One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. Mike Pompeo claims that the Trump/Pompeo Middle East foreign policy is the right one for the US, Israel and the region.

    Pompeo and those of his ilk tell us that by using the Abraham Protocols as a framework, we will have peace all over the ME in no time.

    The only way that Mike’s so-called peace in our time in the ME is even possible using his plan is for all of us to completely ignore the rights of the Palestinians and accept going to war with Iran.
    That is what the Abraham Protocols call for in so many words.

    Evangelical Christians are prone to flights of fancy and magical thinking and Mike is no different.
    Neither is Mike Pence who will probably be attending one of Pompeo’s Christmas superspreader extravaganzas which are being paid for by us taxpayers.

    The extent and depth of Republican corruption is mind bending.

    NOTE: Qatar stated this morning that it would not be joining the Abraham Protocols until the rights of the Palestinians were recognized and dealt with.

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