How The Mitch Stole Christmas

One thought on “How The Mitch Stole Christmas

  1. Speaking of the corrupt, rat bastards that we call Republicans, Joe of the Morning Joe Show is a standout.
    Joe claims that the BLM’s “Defund the police,” mantra prevented the Democrats from picking up seats in the House and swinging the Senate in their favor.

    How would the Republicans feel about calls to “de-militarize” the police?
    “De-militarizing ” the police is a winning issue for the Democrats because the Republicans will have a tough time demagoguing it.

    Except for warmongers, nobody thinks that it’s a good idea to have heavily armed, gestapo-types, riding around in armored war wagons delivering no-knock warrants.
    Or showing up at domestic disputes and evictions like you’re ready to engage in a firefight.

    Maybe regular old beat cops should now dress in T-shirts, shorts, sandals and the required pony tail so as not to frighten the horses?

    If you project war, you’ll get war.

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