‘Are you sure, Brian?’

His name is Brad. Sleepy Trump is confusing him with the governor:

Here’s the famous hour-long phone call in which Trump tried to threaten Georgia’s secretary of state into fixing the election in his favor. (You can read the full transcript here.) Let’s add this to the long list of impeachable offenses, and maybe a RICO violation:

2 thoughts on “‘Are you sure, Brian?’

  1. “Find me 11,780 votes,” said Trump to Raffensperger. “Call it a recalculation.”

    That same instruction, “find me votes,” was surely spoken by Putin, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and every other dictator since countries began holding elections and counting votes.

    The criminal Trump has taken this country to the very edge of a Fascist, plutocracy.

    And 74 million Americans voted for this anti-American, autocrat.

  2. This is the same shit he got impeached for. Remember when the impeachment managers all said that if he’s acquitted there’s nothing stopping him from doing it again, only worse? Seems to me they were onto something.
    Also, since Georgia by itself wouldn’t have flipped the election to him, you can bet your bottom dollar that the other “contested” states received similar calls and just haven’t leaked the audio yet.

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