One thought on “The winds have shifted

  1. The winds have shifted on Trump yes, but not on his policies.

    Using American intelligence (supplied by Pompeo?) Israel bombed Iranian-linked (?) targets in Syria today.

    If al Qaeda is operating in Iran as Mike Pompeo claims, and that’s a big if, then it’s a direct result of Mike Pompeo’s dangerous and war-like policies towards Iran.
    If you were being strangled to death and Charlie Manson intervened and saved your life, wouldn’t you be grateful?

    Pro-Zionist, warmonger Mike Pompeo is a sick and twisted Evangelical Christian.
    Just like pro-Zionist, warmonger Liz Cheney.

    Keeping with the theme of warmongers.
    Biden nominated Neo-liberal, warmonger and Hillary acolyte Samantha Powers to run USAID (US Agency for International Development) today.
    USAID is a CIA front responsible for fomenting various international coups.
    Biden gets an F- for this nomination.

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