One thought on “It’s always Facebook

  1. “But if you want money for minds that hate, all I can tell you brother is you have to wait…”

    How can you reason with people who lie in order to justify selling fantasy, superstition and magical thinking to their followers for a thousand pieces of silver?

    Evangelical Christian charlatan Billy Graham Jr. said the other day that the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Trump were like “Judas.”
    Megachurch operator Pastor Robert Jeffress preaches from the pulpit that Trump “was chosen by God to be our president.”
    On Facebook.

    Consequently a large cohort of Evangelical Christians buy into QAnon’s world of right wing, Fascist conspiracies.
    The horned QAnon Shaman made that very clear with his blasphemous, pseudo-Christian prayer delivered during the occupation of the Senate during the coup attempt on January 6.

    Evangelical Christians are a danger to our democratic-republic.

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