2 thoughts on “Not reassuring

  1. Most of the NG troops are from red states. And maybe most of the ones from blue states are ‘red’

  2. Many, many conservative, religious, extremist Evangelical Christians, or Fascists, participated in Trumps attempted coup on January 6.
    Clearly there were active military types among them.

    As usual these chumps on the Right attacked the wrong enemy.
    The Left, socialists, and communists, are not the enemy.
    The common enemy of both sides are the wealthy.
    The oligarchs and plutocrats fund both sides in order to create division.
    If the wealthy can keep “the masses” at each others throats then money wins.

    To our detriment as a democratic-republic the corrupt and greedy leaders of the Evangelical Christian movement worship at the feet of the golden calf and Mammon and couldn’t care less about the truth or the Christs teachings.

    They are a danger to our peace and our Constitution.

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