Q nuts getting fined for this

Photo by Alejo Reinoso on Unsplash

$5000 the first time, $15,000 for the second — directly out of their paychecks:

2 thoughts on “Q nuts getting fined for this

  1. QAnon insurrectionists have been so demoralized by Trumps failure to become America’s first dictator that they say that they are swearing off politics.
    These racist, dolts like the “gun lady,” have concluded that both the Democrats and the Republicans are cut from the same corrupt cloth and aren’t worth their time and energy any more.
    So they’ve come up with an alternative (universe) idea.

    They’ve asked White Supremacist and would be dictator Trump to lead their new Patriot (political) Party.

    Every criminal that Trump pardoned will donate to Trumps future political scams.

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