One thought on “Good call

  1. The death penalty should be abolished in the US, but there are more ways then one for the government to legally kill us.

    On his first day in office, tough old cod Joe Biden thought that it was a grand idea to send a US carrier attack group into the South China Sea.
    Presumably to defend dictator Duterte’s Philippines and to show the evil Chinese Communist Party, once called Red China, how big our guns and appendages are.

    Warmongers like MSNBC’s David Ignatius and Joe Scarborough are setting China up as the new strawman now that Putin and his corrupt inner circle of oligarchs are about to be shipped off to Siberia and taxed into poverty.

    The warmongers are always creating phony existential threats coming from phantom enemies in order to justify spending enormous amounts of taxpayer cash on bombs, bullets, and weapon systems that are a waste of money, time and energy.

    Money that should be spent to eliminate poverty and all of its ills.

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