The media is back in their comfort zone

Pretending to stand up for the truth, but giving the liars a public platform and pretending there’s a possible debate to be had:

3 thoughts on “The media is back in their comfort zone

  1. False equivalences and the lying liars on the Right.

    The demonstrations being led by ANTIFA and anarchists in Portland and Seattle, as destructive to property as they are, are not in any way equivalent to an organized group of militant Fascists attempting to stage a coup in the Capitol with the stated goal of voiding an election, installing Heir Trump as America’s first dictator, and assassinating the Vice President, Speaker of the House and other assorted Democratic elected officials.

    Those two actions live on two entirely different plants.

    Yet Fascist propagandists working at FOX, Newsmax and OAN are conflating these two very different events with the help of f***heads like Rand Paul and John Cornyn.

    The Republicans would like Americans to forget all about the traitors in the Republican Party and so are demanding unity as a diversion—Marco Rubio, “the impeachment trial is stupid.”
    There’s no treason and sedition to see here folks.

    Trump should be convicted and then denied the right to ever hold another public office for as long as he should live.
    And all good Christian Republican traitors should burn in hell.

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