Extreme weather is everywhere

I’ve been saying this for at least ten years. People kept telling me they were moving to other parts of the country for a certain kind of weather, and I kept telling them there was no such place anymore. When you read as much as I do, you do see that predictable weather patterns are broken and they’re not coming back. It’s kind of ironic when a state like Texas gets hit with a storm like this, since they’re so addicted to oil and that’s where the bulk of the climate change denier money comes from, but I still feel sorry for the regular folks who will suffer through this. I suspect a lot of them will just call it God’s will and treat it like some sign from heaven — instead of the completely predictable thing it is. Hell, even covid was helpfully incubated by climate change. And look at all the other tropical diseases that have spread north of the equator and into the United States.

Meanwhile, summers in the northeastern United States just get hotter and hotter; we’ll probably be like Australia eventually. (Except, for some reason, we’re also having winter this year. Snow and lots of ice, too. I’d almost forgotten what it was like.)