Oh sure, let’s blow it all up

One thought on “Oh sure, let’s blow it all up

  1. Not even the Trumpites disagree that the Covid-19 vaccination program hasn’t been a disaster.

    The Federalists believe that the Federal government should be subservient to local and state governments.
    “Decisions made at the local level are always superior to those made at the federal level,” the Federalists claim.

    Traitor Trump supports Federalist ideology because it gives him an out.
    He dumped our national coronavirus problem onto each state to solve so that he could remain blameless for any and every failure.

    So the 50 states each undertook to individually constructed a Rube Goldberg-style vaccination programs that ended up not getting the job done effectively or efficiently and satisfying nobody.
    Some problems, like fighting a war, must be planned, coordinated and carried out by the Federal government regardless of what the Federalists might believe.

    Setting aside the Fascist militias for the moment, the two most dangerous elements in American society today are the Evangelical Christians and the Federalists (Society).

    All three of these entities: the Fascist militias, the Evangelical Christians, and the Federalists are autocratic by nature and Fascist by design and that makes them incongruent with our democratic-republic.

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