One thought on “Wonderful

  1. It is good to be doing big things.

    A 1993 paper by Princeton economists David Card and Alan Krueger analyzed the economic impact on Pennsylvania after New Jersey raised its minimum wage.
    Interestingly, restaurants in New Jersey (410 of them), despite paying a higher wage, added more jobs then Pennsylvania did.

    Morgan Stanley, hardly a bastion of socialist thinking, recently said that “the impact to employment, positive or negative, (of a $15 an hour minimum wage) would be minimal, while the social benefits to lifting real wages of lower-income earners and millions out of poverty are substantial.”

    Joe Biden, after listening to everybody except the poor, decided that a “phased in” minimum wage over 5 years would be the best way forward.
    What bullshit!!

    “Go big,” Joe.
    Remember, Joe, “the problem isn’t going too big, it’s going too small.”
    Put the $15 an hour minimum wage into the Covid-19 relief bill, get it passed by March 14, and knock off the bullshit.

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