Insurrection II

2 thoughts on “Insurrection II

  1. Traitor Trumps “Stop the Steal” protest turned into a “bum rush the Capitol and take some prisoners” insurrection round about 1 PM on January 6.

    By 1:49 PM the Capitol had been breached and there were pitched battles being fought inside the building.

    At that time National Guard General William Walker called Trumps acting-Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller and Trumps Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy for backup.

    For the next 2 1/2 hours General Walkers request was debated by Miller, McCarthy, General Piatt, General Charles Flynn (brother of convicted felon and coup plotter General Mike Flynn) and a few others.

    Finally at 4:32 PM General Walkers request was approved and sent over to Joint Chiefs General Miley for final authorization.
    It took until 5:08 PM for Miley to order the troops to the Capitol.

    By that time it was clear to all of the coup plotters and coup participants that the coup had failed.

    The House and Senate needs to call Miller, McCarthy, Piatt, Flynn and Miley before a committee to explain their odd behavior on January 6.

  2. So today they get their Harold Camping moment. Will Fergus’ failure to ascend to the presidency dampen their beliefs even a little? Maybe for some of them, but the rest stand as the example of the dangers of propaganda, lies, and insanity as tools for votes and profit.

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