Let’s be rational

Progressives are taking an “all is lost” position on this. The fact is, this HUGE bill is filled with all kinds of aid for families –daycare, healthcare subsidies, etc. — so that if this is what passes the goddamned bill, then so be it. It’s nowhere near the big deal the purists are making it sound. Sure, I wish these “moderate” Democrats would go take a flying leap, but they’re here and we have to deal with them. Now we have to watch Republicans obstruct every step of the way:

2 thoughts on “Let’s be rational

  1. It’s a wonderful bill which must be passed by March 14. Who can complain?
    But where is the $15 an hour minimum wage?

    As usual the Democrats are morphing into reactionaries like they always do in the face of a crisis.
    Democratic support for the civil liberties killing Patriot Act and the illegal wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq were displays of Democratic reactionaryism at its finest.

    Now comes Democratic Representative Pete Aguilar from California with his three-pack of bills designed to restrict the civil liberties of Americans even further.
    And of course Rep. Tim Ryan (OH) can always be counted on to be on the wrong side of every civil liberties issue.

    A large faction in the Democratic Party is always willing to sacrifice our civil liberties on the alter of safety and security.

    Cancelled House sessions, 10′ high, razor topped fences, thousands of heavily armed National Guard troops, beefed up personal protection, civil liberties killing legislation, endless wars and a growing wealth gap are what reactionary Democrats support.

    But they don’t support a $15 an hour minimum wage or Medicare For All.

  2. “Sure, I wish these “moderate” Democrats would go take a flying leap, but they’re here and we have to deal with them. Now we have to watch Republicans obstruct every step of the way:”

    I see your quotes around “moderate,” but why use that word at all. They are not moderate, they are total outliers vis a vis the Dem delegation and voters nationally and in their own states. Moderate?

    So Manchin and Sinema didn’t obstruct? Mean Jean? We have to deal with them? OK. Let’s be rational. How about we deny them any committee chairs, and put them on the Urban Refuse committee. How about we start looking for someone to primary them. How about we put their offices in a janitor’s closet.

    Rational? OK. We can agree that progressives were never going to get everything they wanted in this bill, e.g. minimum wage increase. Why? Because Biden and the Dem party poobahs DON’T WANT TO SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE THE MINIMUM WAGE. They don’t even want to virtue signal by putting up a fight for it. They want to take it out of reconciliation so that they’ll have to whittle it down to nothing to get 10 Republican votes to pass.

    Dems are back to “normal business” just like President Manchin promised. Do the Republicans’ bidding by negotiating with themselves to reduce the benefit they provide to working Americans. Minimum wage: fuggedaboudit. Immediate $2000 stimulus checks. Nah. Breaking promises made on the campaign trail. And, of course, demonstrating Amurca’s allegiance to the MIC and foreign policy brilliance by (illegally) bombing the shit out of Syria.

    These decisions mean that Trump will have given more working Americans more financial support than the Dems. People are not stupid, they know who is at least appearing to work for them. The mid-terms are going to be a bloodbath for Dems. And they (and we) will deserve it.

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