Try not to look shocked

I assumed this is what FBI director Chris Wray was talking about yesterday when he said he couldn’t release certain videos:

2 thoughts on “Try not to look shocked

  1. QAnon began as a larp and for several years the joke was on everybody.

    As anarchists trying to make a buck, the original organizers of QAnon borrowed heavily from CICADA 3301 (4chan) and invited con-artists and conspiracy theorists of every stripe to join in the game.

    It was all good fun until QAnon was infiltrated by and then co-opted by Trump coup plotters Roger Stone, Gen. Mike Flynn, Steve Bannon and a few useful idiots in the Republican Party like Representatives Matt Gaetz (FL), Mo Brooks (AL) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA).

    Currently QAnon is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Republican Party and the Republican Party is a stain on America.

  2. Imhotep knows of what they speak. The Republican Party is nothing but the Nazi Party with a wrapping of bacon and beer. There is no civilized country that would allow them, and no reason they have not been banned outright.

    The two party system isn’t real; we do not need to protect the damn GOP any longer.

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