Cro magnons strike again

2 thoughts on “Cro magnons strike again

  1. One’s behavior does make a difference.

    An independent audit discovered a $16 billion error in ERCOT overcharges in 2 days during the Texas Winter Blackout of ’01.
    That error has already driven electricity provider Brazos Electric into bankruptcy and electricity retailers Giddy Energy and Entrust Energy into default.
    So far 7 members of the ERCOT board have resigned including its CEO Bill Magness.

    Clearly the politicians running Texas are Neanderthals as Biden claims.

  2. Well modern thinking is that the Neandertaler were, altho overspecialized for Ice Age times, contributors to Nordic races about 1-3% genetically. So whites from northern europe eh? BTW ‘Thal’ is just 19th century spelling for modern ‘Tal’ i.e. valley, Even in the 19th century it would be pronounced ‘Neander-tal’ which is of course modern spelling

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