One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. Traitor Trumps Federalist Society lawyer Sidney Powell wants the defamation suit brought against her by Dominion dismissed.
    Because, says Powell, “no reasonable person” would believe a word that I was saying about rampant voter fraud.
    Are you sure about that Sidney?

    Alabama is a “shithole” state and so is Mississippi.
    Coup participant Alabama Republican Representative Mo Brooks announced the other day that he was running to replace retiring Republican Senator Richard Shelby.

    Republican Tommy Tuberville is Alabama’s other Senator.
    One of Tuberville’s first acts as a brand new Senator was to call for the de-certification of the very elected that he’d just won. Because traitor Trump asked him to.

    It’s no wonder Alabama is a “shithole” state when seditionist, Neanderthal Republicans are running the place.

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