One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. With the possible exception of Rand Paul, every other Republican in Congress is a f****** warmonger and that includes Representative Adam Kinzinger.
    Those of Kinzinger’s ilk claim that the War in Afghanistan is a “peacekeeping mission” and not America’s longest war.
    What demonstrable nonsense.

    Yesterday Joe Biden was asked if our troops would be in Afghanistan next year and he said, “I can’t see that being the case.”
    Bzzzzzzzzz, wrong answer Joe.

    The US signed an agreement with the Taliban and the pro-US puppet government of Karzai to have all US troops out of Afghanistan by May 1.

    Unless a new agreement that nobody knows about has been signed, Biden and the US should honor its commitment and leave by May 1 or risk being seen as a welsher and an unreliable partner.

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