Goddamned guns


I am so thoroughly sick of guns, and the mess that people who worship and fetishize them leave in their wake. This weekend, we had a PA mother of 6 shot to death in North Carolina, where she was on vacation, celebrating her wedding anniversary. They left the kids home with the grandparents and were headed to Hilton Head. Her husband had trouble merging into traffic on I-95 and almost hit another car, so the driver (well-balanced, responsible gun owner that he is) pulled up alongside and started firing into the car. He killed her.

He fucking killed her. And that’s the country we live in, where anyone (almost always a man) can play out whatever meaningless revenge fantasy he has in his sick head and kill people to make himself feel like less of a loser. As one does!

On Friday night, a 24-year-old PhD student (a former Miss Nigeria) was shot dead in front of her family home in Northeast Philadelphia. It wasn’t even dark yet.

Also on Friday night, an 11-year-old was shot and killed while riding a scooter with his best friend. And hey, those (illegal) scooters are ungodly loud and annoying, and I’ve had a few revenge fantasies myself when people drive them down my quiet street in the middle of the night — but being a normal person, I’d never pull out a gun and start shooting at kids to express my frustration. Maybe it’s not a good idea to let people own guns in the first place.

Also on Friday night, a gunman opened fire on a group of people standing on the street outside a sports bar in Fishtown after there was some kind of altercation in the bar. Seven victims, four in critical condition. But hey, the shooter got his pride back!

Just to make it even more infuriating, I can’t tell you how many of these shootings are random, or mistaken identity. But as long as psychologically unstable males have easy access to guns as a way of expressing their masculinity, we can hardly argue about accuracy, right?



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  1. When I was living down by 98th and Edes in East Oakland when the Rodney King riots went down, I had a friend ask me if I was afraid of stray gunfire, and I told him “That’s the only kind we have in Oakland, nobody here can hit the broad side of a barn.”

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