4 thoughts on “Fuck Mitch

  1. The Republicans led by Moscow Mitch and Clown McCarthy are unified in their opposition to bipartisanship so they won’t be voting for any piece of legislation introduced by the Democrats.
    The Republicans are a lost cause and should be dealt with by Biden and the Democrats as the useless tools that they are.

    It was Republican President Dwight Eisenhower who managed to get the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956, which created the interstate highway system, passed through Congress on the grounds that it was necessary for our national defense.
    It passed 41-39.
    14 Democrats voted for the bill and 25 voted against it.
    6 Senators voted present and 9 did not vote at all.

    If the Democrats can’t sell an infrastructure bill to the public that will create millions of good paying American jobs and be paid for by taxing the wealthy and corporations, then the Democrats are a lost cause too.
    51 to 50 is all it takes.

  2. The biggest problem I have with Mitch and the rest of the GOP is that they are now ONLY AGAINST any Democratic proposal.
    If you don’t like the ACA, American Rescue Plan, the Build Back Better Infrastructure Plan, fine, suggest something different.
    Four years of trying to repeal the ACA, infrastructure week everyother week and the result? NOTHING!

  3. Great. Now we can skip the whole “reach out to Republicans who will never vote for the bill and let them delay and water it down” part and just pass the damn thing.
    It sure is encouraging watching Biden take a meat-axe to the Reagan revolution.

  4. Modern GOP seems to be against American values: free and fair elections, liberty and justice for all, law and order; as well as Judeo-Christian values: welcome the stranger, feed the hungry, care for the poor. They wouldn’t have to cheat so hard if they just had some policies that were good for the American people.

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