One thought on “Business as usual

  1. Last week the Israelis blew a hole in an Iranian cargo ship in order to disrupt the nuclear talks.

    Late last week the Zionist Organization of America (1897) in a dog-whistle meant for US Evangelical Christians, said that it “strongly opposes lifting the sanctions on Iran.”

    On Saturday Defense Minister and Netanyahu lap-dog Benny Gantz instructed the Mossad to “take down” the Natanz nuclear facility in Iran.

    On Sunday Netanyahu proved just how dangerously delusional he actually is when he claimed that Israel and its 9 million people had become a “world power.”

    Traitor Trump is dangerously delusional.
    “Killer” Putin is dangerously delusional.
    Bolsonaro of Brazil is dangerously delusional.

    But no other leader in the world is as dangerous and as delusional as Bibi Netanyahu of Israel is.

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