One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. It’s been the criminal Netanyahu’s lifelong goal to annex Jerusalem, sans the Palestinian’s, into Israel.

    The latest Netanyahu inspired violence in Israel, Gaza, and the occupied West Bank, is Netanyahu’s last ditch attempt to remain in power (pseudo coup) so that he can complete his Hitleresque dream of cleansing Jerusalem of Arabs and Palestinian’s and annexing the city into Israel (lebensraum).

    Every time an Israel drone or fighter aircraft is overhead the people of Gaza run for shelter just like the Israelis do when they catch a glimpse of a rocket overhead.
    Both sides are defending themselves, contrary to what Biden/Tony Blinken may be saying.

    For the most part the mainstream media in the United States has ‘not’ fully or accurately reported the ongoing violence in parts of the Levant.

    The Fascist, pro-Zionist, propaganda media—FOX, Newsmax, OAN—on the other hand, have wasted no time in labeling Hamas and the Palestinian’s as blood-thirsty, animalistic, terrorists; and the Israelis as poor, innocent, victims of the unexplained Arab aggression.

    Note: Trump gave his blessing to Netanyahu and his lebensraum plan when he moved the American embassy to Jerusalem.

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