2 thoughts on “Old coot says what?

  1. Inhofe is a moron of epic proportion on global warming, but this is not really news. Republicans are supposed to be assholes at a level to which no Dem could aspire. Dems like Manchin, Sinema, and the “progressives” who are fighting for repeal of the SALT cap (big tax break for rich donors) are just overachievers. Blocking significant reform, one obstruction at a time.

    We’re toast.

  2. The boss of “moron Inhofe,” Moscow Mitch and his sock puppet Alfred E. McCarthy said yesterday that ” No Republican will vote to raise taxes” on the rich or corporations—-ever. (Democrat Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) said a similar thing a few days ago.)

    The “Big Lie” Party represents the wealthy and the corporations and “we the people” be damned.

    The “Big Lie” Party’s only goal in life is to hold onto power regardless of the damage they do to our democratic republic.

    The “Big Lie” Party has no moral or ethical compass and that makes them an existential threat to our freedom.

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