Remember when Jared Kushner solved the Middle East?

One thought on “Remember when Jared Kushner solved the Middle East?

  1. On June 18 the Iranian people will likely elect a hardline, right wing government into power thanks to the failed Pompeo/Trump/Netanyahu warmongering policy of “maximum pressure” on Iran.

    The Levant is in flames today because Trump ignored the plight of the Palestinian people and gave war criminal Bibi Netanyahu anything that he requested.

    Trump moved the American embassy to Jerusalem, approved of Netanyahu’s expansive eviction and settlement plans, cut off all aid going to the Palestinian’s, gave the Syrian Golan Heights to Israel, and strongly supported Kushner’s ridiculous, and failed, Abraham Accords.

    The Pompeo/Trump foreign policy has been a gigantic failure.
    Yet the “Big Lie” Party continues to stand steadfastly behind it.

    That makes the “Big Lie” Party an existential threat not only to US, but to world peace.

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