Getting even

One thought on “Getting even

  1. The UN has called Gaza the largest open-air prison on earth.
    Nothing gets in or out of Gaza without first getting approval from Egypt in the south and Israel in the north and east.
    Maybe those tunnels in Gaza, which war criminal Netanyahu is so proud to have blown up, weren’t only used to smuggle in rockets.
    Perhaps 99% of the time the tunnels were used to smuggle in the necessities of daily life for the people of Gaza?

    Unless the Israelis give up every “Jewish” settlement in the occupied West Bank a “two-state solution” is impossible.
    Which leaves only one viable alternative: a one-state solution.
    Every Palestinian and Arab living in the occupied West Bank and Gaza should be granted full Israeli citizenship with the inalienable right to vote.

    The Joe Biden WH has been captured by AIPAC and the extremist, pro-Zionist forces in the Democratic Party.

    Joe Biden and the Netanyahu sympathizers in his administration have known for weeks that criminal Netanyahu intended to trigger violence in Jerusalem.
    Biden, and they, also knew that if the violence escalated and Hamas became involved—which was OK with Biden’s WH—Israel would use up its arsenal of precision-guided weapons killing Palestinian’s.
    So a week before Netanyahu’s heavily armed goons raided the Al-Aqsa mosque and sparked all of the violence, Joe Biden had asked Congress for $735 million to buy precision-guided weapons to replenish Israel’s arsenal.
    Joe Biden has been complicit in this outrage from the beginning and he should pay a price.

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