One thought on “Oh sure, that’ll work

  1. The Democrats (Biden, Manchin, Sinema) should stop screwing around with the “Big Lie” Party.

    Joe Biden wanted $2.2 trillion for infrastructure and jobs and he wanted to pay for it by increasing taxes on the wealthy an corporations.
    The “Big Lie” Party offered $638 billion and a zero increase in taxes on the rich and corporations.
    Joe counter-offered with a $1.7 trillion infrastructure plan and an increase in taxes on the rich and corporations.
    The “Big Lie” Party rejected that plan and offered Joe $928 billion as long as he didn’t raise taxes on the rich and corporations.

    It’s clear that the “Big Lie” Party will not pass any legislation, including the January 6 Investigation Bill, that Biden or the Democrats offer up.

    Joe Biden should go back to his original plan to spend $2.2 trillion on infrastructure and jobs, and increase the taxes on the rich and corporations to pay for it.
    The reconciliation process needs to be used to get that accomplished.

    In addition Senate Democrats (Manchin and Sinema) should vote to get rid of the no-Confederate filibuster rule and pass the January 6 Investigation Bill.

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