How it works

I am absolutely convinced most of these people have oppositional defiance disorder:

One thought on “How it works

  1. Meaning that nobody supporting the “Big Lie” Party has grown up yet is right on point.

    Did the Chinese government purposely infect the world with the coronavirus or did the virus spread naturally?
    Maybe Biden’s 90 day “deep” investigation will answer those question?
    This issue is a right wing, made-for-tv distraction.

    One the other hand Joe Biden’s once upon a time $2.2 trillion (now $1.7 trillion) infrastructure/jobs and increased taxes on the wealthy and corporations bill is a feature presentation

    Netanyahu’s deliberate, self-serving (politically) war on Hamas is a distraction.
    Although Biden had better reign in the pro-Zionist hawks or he could face a world of hurt in the future.

    The wholesale destruction of our democracy being perpetrated by the “Big Lie” Party and its cohorts the propaganda outlets FOX, Newsmax and OAN is a feature presentation.

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