One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. It appears that the ruling elite in Israel have finally had it with war criminal Bibi Netanyahu.
    Although, like Trump, he will not “go quietly into that good night.”

    The straw that broke Bibi’s back was his ginned up 11 day war with Hamas in Gaza.
    Because Netanyahu was unable to form a government he decide to stage a war and keep himself in power.

    During Netanyahu’s discretionary and phony war with Hamas, Israel used the “Iron Dome” missile defense system, paid for by American taxpayers, to launch $1 billion dollars worth of US missiles.

    Pro-Zionist, warmonger Lindsey Graham, while visiting Netanyahu this week in Israel, called on American taxpayers to pony up $ 1 billion tax dollars to replace those expended missiles.

    Israel should pay for its own bloody missiles and Chuck Schumer should tell them and Graham to F*off.

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