2 thoughts on “Narcissist

  1. Tune into any of the “Big Lie” Party’s propaganda outlets, FOX, Newsmax or OAN, and you’ll find a constant, 24-hour a day refrain to investigate the origins of the coronavirus. (China, China, China)

    What you won’t find on these right wing propaganda outlets is a single word about investigating the January 6 attempted coup.

    Discovering the origins of COVID-19 is important, but finding out who was behind the attempted coup on January 6 is absolutely mandatory if we hope to save our democratic republic.

    Because a lot of the people who either planned or supported or participated in the January 6 attempted coup are currently sitting in the House and Senate and belong to the “Big Lie” Party, they will never agree to investigate themselves.
    (That’s not too hard to understand is it Manchin? Get rid of the filibuster.)

    The leaders of the “Big Lie” Party are a clear and present danger to this country.

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