GOP on climate change

IIRC correctly, this is exactly what George W. Bush did during his administration: Talk about your concerns, just don’t actually do anything!

One thought on “GOP on climate change

  1. What’s going on in the “Game of Infrastructure” which addresses climate change?
    What’s up and who’s down?

    Is it the Manchin/Capito plan? Apparently not.
    Is it the Gang of 10 plan put forward by Manchin and the Democratic anti-Progressive Caucus?
    Or is it the group of 58 Problem Solvers plan?

    Will it be $2.2 trillion for infrastructure or $982 billion or some other number?

    Of course the deal breaker in this game is the fact that no member of the “Big Lie” Party is willing to raise anybody’s taxes one thin dime.
    Not even on the rich who can afford it.
    It really doesn’t matter if it’s Plan A, B, C, D, E, F, etc., if the “Big Lie” Party refuses to pay for the plan by increasing taxes on the rich and corporations.

    The only voters that the “Big Lie” Party cares about are the oligarchs and the plutocrats.
    The Capitalists.
    All others need not apply.

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