O.K. Corral

One thought on “O.K. Corral

  1. US cold war propagandists hope that Biden pulls out a gun and shoots crime boss Putin right between the eyes.
    “It’s better to jaw, jaw then war, war” no matter where you do your talking.

    But what about our Israeli problem?
    Hopefully Biden and Putin will talk seriously about a one-state solution.

    Yesterday, in a blatant act of moral hypocrisy, 12 Jewish Democratic Representatives:
    Brad Schneider (Ill)
    Ted Deutch (Fl)
    Jake Auchincloss (Ma)
    Lois Frankel (Fl)
    Josh Gottheimer (NJ)
    Elaine Luria (Va)
    Kathy Manning (NC)
    Jerry Nadler (NY)
    Dean Phillips (Mn)
    Kim Schrier (Wa)
    Brad Sherman (Ca)
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Fl)
    signed a letter attacking Representative Omar for being an anti-Semite which she obviously is not.

    Where were these 12 hypocrites when Bibi Netanyahu purposely started a war with Hamas in Gaza simply to keep himself in office?
    Did any one of them condemn Israel for killing over 200 people or wounding almost 2000 in Netanyahu’s 11 day war?
    These 12 Democratic Representatives are clearly doing the bidding of their constituents.
    Unfortunately those constituents live in another country.

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