2 thoughts on “I could almost feel sorry for My Pillow guy

  1. This mush for brains has more money then anyone who believes what he says he believes should legally be allowed to have.

    The mister pillow guy makes claims about a lot of things that he simply makes up.
    But he’s not the only one who does that.

    Take the “Capitalist running dogs” who compare the economic conditions in 2021 with those of 2020.
    These clowns all over the media.

    All of these disingenuous rat bastards are constantly comparing the rate of inflation in 2021 with the rate of inflation in 2020.

    In 2020 businesses were closed and people were trapped in the homes without a paycheck coming in.
    To compare that circumstance with what is happening in the economy in 2021 is ridiculous.

    Anybody claiming that the rate of inflation today can be compared to the inflation rate in 2020 is participating in a “big Lie.”

  2. Never. The guy could croak tonight and I’d celebrate with pancakes in the morning.

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