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One thought on “A user’s guide

  1. Jeremy “J.J.” Sicotie is a documentary filmmaker and QAnon larp master.

    Yesterday Trump said, “I’m more popular than ever.”
    With whom? The American people? Or with a small group of people meeting in a biker bar in Georgia? And who told him that?

    Jeremy “J.J.” Sicotte created more conspiracy theories on the QAnon site then any other 10 people who visited the site combined.
    Admitted criminal General Michael Flynn was among QAnon’s top 10 contributors.

    Steve Bannon has been cooking up his own nonsense conspiracy theories over at Fascist American Radio Today, or FART, which is funded by the Fascist Mercer’s of Long Island, New York.

    We should maybe worry less about who is picking the pockets of the Democrats and more about who is stealing the brains of Americans.

    The more time Pelosi spends deciding about setting up a House Select Committee to investigate the January 6 attempted coup, the more time she gives the “Big Lie” Party to re-write history and diminish the importance of the events of January 6.

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