Mercury goes direct

gal_vr_c_o_TPMBK (ca. 1989 or 1995, unnumbered, AC89-0146-3 eq)

And I’m finally getting my car in shape. Yesterday I waiting outside in the heat for my turn to get my muffler replaced. The shop was around the corner from the most famous drug corner in America, and it took a little over an hour for the repair shop to turn around the three cars ahead of me.

“Your muffler needs to be replaced,” Julio said, squinting into the sun. “It will cost $120.”

I gave him a thumbs up. Twenty minutes later, my “new” car had a muffler. And today, as Mercury finally goes direct, we’re on to the badly-needed air conditioning recharge. In this heat, it’s been really hard without cold air.



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