Saving progressive blogs

There are systemic problems facing progressive web sites and blogs, and if you don’t support them now, they could be gone before you know it. I don’t know one progressive site that isn’t struggling right now. If you can pay for all those streaming services you barely use, you can afford $5 a month to Crooks and Liars. 

Progressive blogs used to support themselves with advertising, until Google upended and monopolized the ad business. (Guess who gets all the money now?) Then Facebook started featuring extremist sites like the Daily Wire in their newsfeeds, and pushed sites like C&L to the bottom — where no one can find us.

Why are we valuable? Because sites like ours carry 20 years of institutional knowledge about the extremist right wing — and mainstream media doesn’t. We know the players, we can predict the strategies. If you want to untangle the news, we’re your guys.

That’s why we succeeded in the first place. But now, in a time of misleading social media, many readers don’t even know what a blog is, or why anyone should support them. SO YOU DON’T SWALLOW BULLSHIT, basically. So you get fact-based analysis.

Which has got to be worth at least as much as old reruns of Frasier. Right?




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  1. I am just a poor boy, but I have been giving them $5 a month for over a year.

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