It’s their only shot

2 thoughts on “It’s their only shot

  1. Because of course Sigmund Freud invented Critical Race Theory in Die Traumdeutung, after his psychoanalysis of W.E.B. Dubois who is given the pseudonymous appellation of ‘Irma’.
    duh, like everybody knows that.

  2. A tie-in to CRT.

    “The Covid-19 pandemic (2020) may have skewed statistics,” say most statisticians.
    The year 2020 was an historic anomaly.

    The crime rate dropped nationally in 2020 because everybody was locked-down.
    Now that everybody is out and about the crime rate has gone up. (And so has inflations for the same reasons.)

    To take full political advantage of the expected increase in crime, the Right (FOX, Newsmax, OAN) declared the country in the grips of a full blown “crime wave.”
    But even that demagoguery wasn’t sufficient enough to satisfy the revolting appetite of the Right politically, so they’ve begun claiming that the cause of the current “crime wave” is the “Democrat culture of crime.”

    Of course they do because who commits the most crime in the US according to the Fascist Right?
    Economically deprived Black, Brown and Asian Americans.
    Critical Race Theory explained.

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